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My Journey

Before my entrepreneurial journey began in 1997, I enjoyed the valuable combination of my passion and hobby for 9 years, working in the field of music and employed at a nationalized bank, while playing professional cricket for them.

Later, my transfer to Pune encouraged me to take up computer software and set up a business in the field. I arranged computer training centers for small entrepreneurs, helping them manage operations. This is where my passion for business operations began. I also developed my own software development company with a big business house in Pune.

The success of this venture helped me establish a reputed name in the industry. I then worked with a Canadian company in TV shopping, to set up a BPO in Pune. This is where my potential as a leader was put to test and I began to learn the true trade of operations. In a short span of 5 years after quitting my banking job, I set up the first captive call center in India where I successfully managed 200 employees.

This gave me an opportunity to consult TVC SkyShop Ltd in Mumbai and help them transition from manual calling operations to a full scale robust automated calls center in under 6 months, enhancing their sales 5-fold.  

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Furthermore, my work with a British Healthcare Giant, a 1000 employee company, was quite rewarding since I was handling operations, process setups and Customer Retention Centre for a duration of 4 years. During this journey, I set up a BPO from scratch in Goa, single-handedly, employing and managing 350 people.

After the company split in 2007, I started a Health and Wellness business with the ex-CEO promoting products, education, technological services and media services within the industry in India and UK. In a short span of 2 years, the business expanded in to a team of 500 employees.

It is these fruitful experiences that form the perfect foundation to my entrepreneurial career. Today, apart from being a successful Businessman, I also help young entrepreneurs setup their business operations.

Scale Up, Gain Traction


My aim is to help small businesses or start-ups from an operational perspective and direct them towards a refined approach to organizational behavior. Putting my years of expertise to good use, I can help you navigate through core operational implementations and empower your business to attain global success through this venture.

With a deep desire for customer satisfaction, my expertise lies in identifying gaps in business organizations and enabling techniques to promote sustainable approaches that align businesses with consumer needs.

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