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My Consulting Program

As a consulting Chief Operating Officer (COO), I walk with your business for a specific duration to help your organization by implementing beneficial strategies to overcome impending challenges. By streamlining internal management processes and pumping in empowering operational abilities, I aim to set you up for business success.



Being a leading expert in operations management, I can help build your business from ground level by designing operational strategies that are best suited for your organization. I will share detailed learnings and insights from my career as a Business Operations specialist and give you effective methodologies to structure operations, finances and internal systems.

With my coaching and mentorship prowess, we can work as a team and develop consumer-based strategies and work around setting dedicated operational guidelines to pave your path to success.



Coming from a deeply entrepreneurial background spanning across various sectors, I have developed a profound and deep-rooted understanding of Operations in Business. Having been on the ‘other side’ of multiple challenges from legal, statutory, operational, finance to consumers and stakeholders, I have become well-versed with skill sets to overcome them, by redefining operational standards and developing a consumer-centric approach. This is the mindset we can integrate together in your organization.

My Program Specialized in:

  • Defining structure of the organization that is aligned with the brand goal and identity.

  • Helping set up operations, internal systems, infrastructure and robust processes.

  • Helping execute infrastructure set up by identifying the right business partners.

  • Streamlining all core operations across business transactions, technology finances and internal systems for enhanced efficiency.

  • Defining technical and system requirements.

  • Creating customer-friendly methods to develop smooth internal and external operations.

  • Bridging the gap between business and knowledge by initiating new tools to enable hassle-free management.



My main role will be to mentor and guide the CEO, leaders, founders and top management to attain operational excellence and lead them to fulfil efficiency goals, which they can continue to implement down the line. 

This can be achieved remotely or in-person through weekly/fortnightly sessions to define goals of your business, set up documentation and SOP guidelines or to conduct seminars and mentorship programs for top management members.


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Our thoughts are super powerful and they influence our entire existence in this world. So check your thoughts

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