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Why Work with Me...

My vast experience as an entrepreneur has helped me study successful business operations closely and learn what works when it comes to operations management, in the real world. I have a deep understanding of positive internal management policies and updated strategies to implement tailored operational guidelines across organizations.

In 1999, while working with a TV shopping brand from the US, I was responsible for making a zero to USD 20 million turnaround within a short span of 3 years. I also single-handedly managed a 350-employee BPO in Goa that included infrastructure, positioning, training, mentoring and hiring. I bring great expertise in designing consumer friendly business models as per brand requirement, which I did for International food brands to tap into the vast Indian market.

But, being an entrepreneur is risky business. In the sphere of my career, I have fearlessly taken risks and made investments in start-ups without letting impractical doubts influence me. That is because I believe it is important to recognize and take the right risks.

Not every risk will lead you to a profitable outcome. It is a skill that needs to be learned and used mindfully. I am also completely aware of my capabilities and what I bring to the table as an operations expert and entrepreneur. Through my services, these are instances of some skill sets that I will instill in senior management, CEOs and founders.


One of the major reasons behind starting this initiative was to tap into the "lack of consultancy services in OPERATIONS EXCELLENCE in India", on a holistic scale. While there might be companies offering similar services, they do not look at small businesses or start-ups and are comparatively priced at a higher range.

The service I provide will give you an edge over others considering the vast range of industry experience I have garnered over the years. With such varied knowledge from different fields and global experience across business operation techniques, you can be assured your company is being guided by the best in the business.

Our services are open to:

 Small businesses, family businesses, organizations and start-ups from any field. There are literally no restrictions when it comes to working with us.

"We can design new goals and visions around the framework of your business and imbibe inter-departmental discipline, to ensure it reaps the best results"

Consulting with me will allow your organization to have the most updated methodologies that not just add operational value but have access to the latest industry-approach based on practical experience, relevance and core functioning practices of successful organizations.

If you are a start-up, an organization, small business, family business or a troubled venture and are looking to hire a service that will enable your business to succeed across various operational touchpoints, let’s get in touch.

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