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Healthcare - A Booming Industry

“Health is Wealth”, but we get so busy earning the real wealth that in the bargain we neglect our health. With different kinds of diseases, body disorders and epidemics coming and going, research and development is continuously on a move to provide the right aid and medication. Not only are health organizations mushrooming at a galloping rate but people’s awareness about personal care and hygiene have also improved lifestyles.

With Globalization coming into the picture, today the world is a single market. Previously people use to go to different parts of the world for various treatments and surgeries but today we can have it done in our own home town at our own convenience. The health care sector is on a rise to captivate the world. We all wish to live a healthy life for as long as we live but all of it is possible with a discipline and science, not to forget. Science and Technology have increased the average life span of a person. Awareness has created a fear and a sense of responsibility amongst the masses to take good care. Epidemics like chicken gunea, chicken flu, cervical cancer, prostate conditions were not even known but today these have precautions and solutions. Infact in the olden days, a failure of some organ was just the end of it but today easy replacements could be made like Dialyses on the failure of kidneys, blood transfusion, ventilator for the pumping of heart and stimulators could keep the body alive for years. But these involve huge amounts to be spent.

Not only are people looking after themselves but also builders and industrialists want to get the benefit out of it, so huge investments have been pooled in the life-care and health care sector. Builders like Hindujas own their own hospital under the name of “Hunduja Hospital”, besides the Raheja hospital by the Raheja Builder’s is yet another investment and lets not forget the new “Kokilaben Hospital” by the Ambanis is more like a five star hotel. These hospitals have the best of equipsment and doctors on board to assist you in every possible way but it cannot be afforded by a common man, many a times.

Life- care and Health care can rip pockets and drain salaries in just a short span of time. Its more important to stay fit and keep away from illness because they could hit you physically and psychologically. Our life is not in our hands, but what is there in our hands is the way we lead our lifestyle with care and something that is there with us is what should be taken utmost care of….

Vijay Dalwani

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