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"Oper-Fection" Model

Fun Modern Pediatrics Feeding Specialist

Oper-Fection is a process of achieving Perfection in your Business Operations. Its a combination of two words, Operations and Perfection. 

I have designed this model with my personal experience of managing large businesses and 100s of people to achieve the defined goals of the business. 

This model focuses on 4 core areas of any business.  The core areas are the heart, soul and backbone of any business.  So as your "Consulting COO", I help you focus on these vital elements of your business and help you define the right processes around each core area.

My mode of working with you is more of a guide who points you to the right direction, but the job of walking towards that direction has to be done by you. 

Most of the business elements we are aware of, but usually lose sight of what is important for the vision of the business and keep focusing on the day to day fire-fighting areas of the business.

My Oper-Fection model is designed to help you keep your long term vision as your top most priority and manage your business processes accordingly. 

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Major Industry Segments I Consult


Setup robust operations for your Hospitality venture with consumer and growth centric approach

Wellness & Lifestyle

Make a mark in this highly-competitive and fast growing business segment. Will help you with latest Industry trends


I was probably the first one in India to run a profitable e-commerce venture in 1999. Rely on my vast experience


With over 20 years in working with Business Centric Tech solutions, I bring lot of valuable expertise to the table

Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry is one of the most lucrative service industries to be in today. It is an integrated Industry with few other segments like F&B, Wellness, Tourism, Travel, Adventure along with certain tangible product segments as Hotel Supplies, Lifestyle Products, Interior Products and so on. 

I have been in this Industry the longest in my career, along with Wellness business.  My focused approach is to help create niche businesses in the Hospitality Sector and help them grow.  

If you are a business in this sector or want to setup a new venture in Hospitality, get in touch with me. 

The various businesses in this segment I consult are:

  • Existing Hotels & Resorts

  • Upcoming Hotels & Resorts

  • Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and Lounges

  • Hospitality supplies companies

  • International Hotel Chains

  • Central Food Processing Units

  • Hospitality Supply Chain Companies

  • Upcoming F&B Brands

Wellness & Lifestyle Industry

Wellness & Lifestyle is a closely integrated Industry with Hospitality, Travel and Tourism.  My experience in the Wellness Industry has been tremendously rewarding and I have learnt a lot about International Wellness & Lifestyle Trends, various business verticals and how the consumer reacts to these verticals. 

Get in touch with me if you want to setup:

  • A Wellness Retreat or Resort

  • Wellness Products

  • Herbal Supplements

  • B2C Wellness Business

  • Lifestyle Products & Services

  • Spa and allied services

  • Lifestyle & Wellness Media Company

Or any specialized Wellness/Lifestyle Industry guidance you need for your existing venture. 

Wellness Tourism is another large segment and in current times it will be the biggest grosser for the Industry. 

E-Commerce Industry

Today the world is going digital and most of the businesses are fighting to grab attention of the shoppers who are buying products & services online. 

E-Commerce has various segments within itself, in terms of products, services, content, social platforms, Artificial Intelligence services and so on.  It has expanded from being only an online product selling sector. 

Any existing business which is offline and is looking to venture into e-commerce activities, expand their horizon beyond the local market to the global market, then get in touch with me as I have been setting up e-commerce businesses since 1998 when Internet was not much known to businesses. 

My approach will be to strategize on the product offering, technology needs, marketing plan and people development to be able to cater to the global audience with a robust online presence and profitable business processes.

Online Shopping
Technology Industry
Zooming on Tablet

If you are a technology company or intend to enter the technology space, providing state-of-the-art tech solutions to various businesses, then I am your anchor to guide you through the entire process of setting up a profitable and competitive technology company.

Today there is great demand of expert companies who develop CRM and Accounting Solutions, AI based software, E-commerce solutions, Interactive Websites, Gaming Solutions, Customer engagement technology and Business enhancement tools.  As a techie you may be good at handling the coding and development part, but to be a successful Technology Company, you need to incubate the business acument in yourself and the team.

My consulting program is designed to help your organization understand the right consumer segments, speak their language and design customer-friendly solutions and be ahead in this competitive environment. 

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