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I am a passionate
Entrepreneur with
Business Interests
in multiple sectors

I'm delighted fate led you to my website!
Keep exploring and perhaps you'll find something inspiring!
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With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, I have built, established and operated multifarious companies and organisations in various sectors such as Hospitality, E-sports, Technology, Wellness and Lifestyle, Event and Talent Management etc. I have complete knowledge about starting and expanding businesses through which I have trained and mentored entrepreneurs to start their own ventures. Be it bringing valuable structure to an organisation or simply generating effective tools for smooth departmental function, helping business thrive is not just the end goal for me, but my ardent passion.


Areas of Expertise

Akshay Sarode.jpeg

Akshay Sarode

The guidance from Mr. Vijay Dalwani changed the way I was looking at my business, in a small compartment in my mind. Now my vision has expanded and I am achieving great results for my venture. We are now incubating 100s of startup entrepreneurs and guiding them to scale up their business with various Government schemes. 

Entrepreneurs Parliament, Pune

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