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Communication and Leadership

Leaders play many roles in the management of teams. Leadership is not one single quality but a continuous practice of several traits which are present in an able leader. The success of any team is determined by various abilities of the leader. One of the most important trait required in a leader is the ability to Communicate clearly and effectively.

Great leaders have mastered the art listening and this is what seperates them from the others. They do ask questions and listen. They effectively use the power of silence.

Some useful communication tips for effective leadership Spell out every responsibiltiy with utmost clarity and precision Do not leave room for misunderstanding Check understanding with your team members to ascertain that your instructions are understood clearly Constantly communicate the plans as a coach Have plans for individual activities and also for the end objective, the bigger picture Your plans should focus on development of the entire team in the defined duration Keep probing and asking questions to reach to the “core” of the problem and dont assume Your ability to communicate effectively will help you articulate your vision and have people act on the vision Keep your superiors informed, never expose them to surprises Be objective while listening to feedback, do not be defensive Respect the opinions of your team members. This gives you more respect and helps your team grow Follow up verbal communication with written communication to avoid any misunderstanding Smile. Smile overcomes all communication barriers. The sense of ownership cannot be bought, it can be earned through “effective listening”

Steps of effective listening Stop Talking – We cannot listen if we talk Concentrate – You may miss something important if you are switched off Acknowledge and Empathise Be Objective Ask Questions, Check understanding Confirm, Summarize Be Patient Take notes if required Listen between the lines – people may not spell out everything clearly

Most successful leaders are excellent at their communication skills. Are you one?

Vijay Dalwani

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