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Do You Have The Right Attitude

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

With the right attitude, you can build an organization which has the right attitude towards all the aspects of the business. So ask yourself this question first..

Do You Have The Right Attitude?

If asked many would just reply a plain “Yes” we “Do”. But what’s important is to understand what is attitude and more in detail to comprehend what is the right attitude at work.

Attitude is the way a person looks at life and things happening around him. A person’s attitude could be decided by his words, actions and his behavior. One of the most common examples spoken of is about a half glass of water, where a person with a positive attitude makes a positive statement and says “The glass is half full” on the other hand a person with a negative attitude would say “The glass is half empty”. One who looks at the positive end of tasks instead of taking it like a problem and the one who believes he could achieve his goals without sparks of negative statements, is the one holding the right attitude. But again there is a big difference between over confidence and positive attitude. One has to ensure they should know the same. When one tries shooting in the sky without aiming at the stars in the hope that he would shoot the star, one should know his limits and the attainability. Then one is over confident and over confidence could kill the person.

So the right attitude at work is important, one should have a positive outlook towards his work. When one is assigned a task and explained the profile, his dedication and willingness to work would prove his attitude. This could also be a reason of stress and how is that ?

Each person holds a reputation in the office, every employee is nicked on the basis of what people think about him. When people call you smart and dashing, they are actually calling you this on the basis of your attitude which persuades you to work in a certain pattern, greet in a certain pattern and dress in a certain manner. Now just imagine when you are named MR Sadoo, MR Lazy bones or Loser, its because of the attitude you hold, which has reflected the same. Moreover when you are assigned to handle people, this is more considered. Your way of managing, planning, controlling and organizing the team and working with your subordinates could judge your attitude. When you are unable to handle them? When you are being miss-judged by your seniors ? When your performance appraisal does not happen because of your attitude ? All these are reasons where you have the right knowledge of what should be done and you may also have the skill but you may not have the right attitude. Possible that you are always yelling, using slang words or not appreciating your subordinates. They could complain, reply sternly back, not listen to you or even try to make things worse for you. Sometimes castles are difficult to build but if you know how to make them and with your efforts you hold the right attitude, you mite land up making a one, that would be beyond your imagination.

Vijay Dalwani

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