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Control Your Mind Before It Controls You...

Our mind is a complex mechanism, it holds hundred of thoughts and although we try concentrating on one particular job at one time, even a tiny ant moving around could easily distract us. Its very shaky. Our habits, likes and dislikes are completely dependent on the marks left by the past experiences on our mind. So it’s important that we have absolute control on our mind.

Our body is a very sensitive system. Messages of each emotion are passed through the nervous system to the brain. Are actions and reactions are completely dependent on the preconceived notions and according we act.

Emotions play a very vital role here. Just imagine your reaction, when your friends have thrown a surprise Birthday party for you…Now imagine your reaction when you mistakenly drove over an animal and injured it. Since childhood we have seen and absorbed reactions like happiness, fear, sadness, shock, surprise, horror, anger, anxiety and more….

But when any of these reactions are in extremes, they could psychologically drop you. With a city life, it is difficult to stay psychologically fit. Try remembering the last time when you had no thought on your mind, when worries dint touch you, when you were as calm as a cucumber, when you heard the birds singing outside or even the sound of the aircraft fly over your roof.

When we get angry and yell, scold, say things we don’t mean or regret later, happens only when one particular thought has negatively triggered the mind and messages have gone to the brain. Since the mind had not been in control in the past, it throws out things that may not even have a meaning, instead of finding immediate solutions, that is because the immediate co-ordination between the mind and brain stop. You must have come across such incidents in day to day life. In case of a small car accident, the car owner would come out and yell over his lungs creating a traffic congestion. Well an accident means “by mistake, not on purpose”. But there should be a control on your mind to understand this and be careful, henceforth.

Some people have excessive eating habits while they are stressed. Munching on chips, gulping scoops of ice-creams and finishing chocolate bars are simple stress relievers. But do they actually serve the purpose. In such cases and even other wise, one has to stay controlled.

Controlling the mind is a challenge and trust me, if one has the hang of it, he is a magician, because once you could control your own mind, you could control anyone else’s. It requires regular practise, monitoring and patience. There are several ways of doing it. Meditation is one way, besides yoga could also calm you from within. At the time of extreme emotions, one could count numbers upto 10 on their fingers, try diverting themselves, engaging themselves in another activity or even exercising is a good idea. Giving yourself a regular break from your routine by going out for weekends or a holiday could also serve the purpose. Besides if one has still not been very successful , then getting in touch with a specialist could be another option. You have to realise that the key to a Fit Body is a Clear Mind.

Vijay Dalwani

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