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Your Thoughts Make You What You Are

Our thoughts are powerful enough to influence our entire existence in this world. As a Business Leader, it is utmost important to check on your thoughts first and build the character of your organization accordingly.

Think of yourself as a king and you would feel like one. Now think of yourself as a poor person and your present state would eat you. We are what we want to be. We have the power within us. We all have energy flowing around us, It’s within us and on the outside. Most of the times we make unintentional choices. We choose to drive positive and negative energy to come close to us or send back. These energies are created and driven by our thoughts.

It’s all a process, our thoughts give rise to our feelings and these feelings ride the energies. When we think about sad instances, we feel sad and low and we also drive negative energies. Negative energy leads to disturbances of the Physical, the Psychological and the Physiological spheres. It could be a root cause to Depression, Hypertension, Stress, Hair and Skin disorders, Insomnia and even night Blindness. Now lets see what effects could positive energy lead to, positive thoughts lead to a happy feeling and this leads to a positive energy. You feel more motivated and charged up, you feel all the work is very light and all of a sudden the hurdles turn into stepping stones to success. Life is beautiful and each one of us should live it to the best. But many a times there are mental blocks created. All of us our conditioned since childhood to behave, understand, react, assume and think in a particular fashion. With years passing and varied experiences we create these blocks and decide to stick it in some part of our mind like a chewing gum and every time we have to face a similar instance we react in a particular stereotype way, designed by us.

We carry our office work with us home, not physically through file and folders but its all on your mind. Financial statements, tax rebates, investments declarations, numbers are always running on your mind. Now it’s time to STOP doing the extra work. It’s time to take things as they come. When you have an event which has a result attached, do not expect negative result, this would lead to feeling low and inferior, which would also create a negative environment around you and you never know the results may also go negative. It is important to remember to be prepared before an event and then calm down and stay positive. There is a big difference between confidence and over-confidence. Always be prepared and expect positive but on the other hand being sure of a positive result without putting in much efforts is not going to work.

– Put in the right efforts.

– Think positive.

– Feel like how you will feel after winning it.

– Do not skip meals because of Stress

– Do not over eat because of Stress.

– Choose what you want to think

– Make a continuous effort to stop thinking negative

– Have positive quotes around yourself

– Always smile

And when a Problem comes Don’t say “WHY ME” SAY “TRY ME”.

Vijay Dalwani

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